04 August 2009


i juz sent my assignments to the lecturers yesterday...
and i feel like i want 2 share one of them in my blog..
what a nonsense thought...

i admit that there're plenty of mistakes..
but, insyaAllah i will improve my English day by day...
lets go through...

dis is my journal for
College Study Skills subject...
and it is all about....
my life in UiTM..


Holiday is a magic word that always makes people have a big smile. Of course, i also be one of them. I often look at the academic calendar given by Madam Ju on the second week of my living at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) - counting days by days to the holiday! And now, I'm on my last day at home having my middle semester break. Totally, I've prepared mentally and physically to go back to my beloved university.

Living at UiTM is very enthusiasm. I enjoy myself living in a hostel. There're a lot of ettiquettes that I need to practice for. Besides that, my roommate; Fatin Amalina always shows her tolerate to me. She is very nice and I am sure that she will be the best roommate ever. Indeed, I myself also need to be her good companion - perhaps! We always be a good couple in cleaning our room. I really like her attitude that always wants everything neat and tidy. This makes me be more dicipline and more tolerant in putting my stuffs around. Although we are not in the same group, we enjoy sharing informations and notes given by the lecturers. I hope this will last long forever - I hope so!

Be a student of Teaching English as a Second of Language (TESL) is not easy as what the others think. I need to cope with 8 subjects; Grammar, Listening and Speaking, College Reading, College Writing, College Study Skills, Malaysian Studies, Computer Literacy and also Islamic Education Studies. Personally, I enjoy learning these subjects as all the lecturers are very sporting and understanding. In addition, we are often given tasks in a group. Thus, working in a group is much easier and it just saves our time as well as our energy.

In this journal, I also want to include my beloved lecturers. First and foremost, Sir Haji Mohamad Nawawy bin Jusoh. He is responsible to teach me College Study Skills and Malaysian Studies subjects. He likes to give us motivation during his lesson. He is the best lecturer ever! Next is Madam Nurma binti Abdul Manap. She teaches me Listening and Speaking and also College Reading subjects. I admire her very much because for me, she is an understanding lecturer. She also be patient enough with our group that always be hyperactive. Thank you Madam for understanding us!

Other than that is Madam Laily binti Zainal. She is a lecturer of Grammar subject. I enjoy her lecture much because she always supports us. She don't mind if sometimes, we over act in presenting our topics. Moreover, she also takes part in punishing us whenever we cannot answer to the presentations. What a sporting lecturer she is! The same thing happens to Madam Tengku Nazatul Shima binti Tengku Paris who is my College Writing lecturer. She likes to teach by doing activities or some games in her lecture. We always be excited with her famous game - Charade!

Besides that, I also learn a lot about computers and it stuffs during Computer Literacy class taught by Madam Wan Rohana binti Wan Endut. She seems to know everything about computer and it programmes. Thumbs up for you Madam! Not forgotten, Ustaz Salku Khairi bin Abdul Sukor. He teaches us Islamic Education Studies subject for this semester. I like his melodious voice when he recites verses from Quran. What a beautiful voice he had! Honestly, I always do my best in trying to recite Quran as good as he is. I wish I will have his tone of voice.

Not only that, I also find the difference between my study in my former secondary school and in UiTM. Here, my group members always feel free to give their support to the others. Absolutely, I feel more confident whenever I am among my group members. They are real supportive. They always help each other without hoping the others to help them back. Sometimes, I often heard comments from the other groups that said my classmates are too loud. I have no idea about this because I also feel like that - Sometimes!

During my meal time, I need to go to the restaurant which is so-called 'Arked' as there is no cafe provided. Here, several of delicious foods are sold. The most important is the price which is very reasonable. I cannot describe how depress we are during Sunday as 'Arked' will close on that day. We cannot find any restaurant that is much better than 'Arked'. The closing of 'Arked' will be a big problem for those who are always concern about their flow of budget - including me!.

Although there are not enough space for us to have our vigorous activities in the campus, we can go to a recreation park which is just a stone's throw from our college. There, we can jog,run,cycle or even just walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taman Gelora. Me,myself, often go there together with my friends - Amalina, Hanani and Durratul Ain on Sunday. We really enjoy our exercise in Taman Gelora as it was completed with some of gymnasium's stuffs. In addition, there are always instructors that conduct some types of exercises such as Tai Chi, aerobics and 'poco-poco' dance. Of course, we are free to join them if we want to. I believe, those who like jogging will love this place.

Besides be a UiTM student who always busy with assignments, group discussions and personal activities, I also have another responsibility to do. I am a member of 'Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar'. Thus, I need to practice myself in order to balance my academics and co-curriculum activities. A lot of thanks to my friends that always give me advices and help me a lot in doing my responsibilities. Of course, I cannot do all of this alone. Perhaps, I can stand on my on self doing my jobs in the future.

As we already knew, living in university isvery challenging and sometimes, we may suffer a dangerous student's sick - the homesick! So, here is one more reason on how I love staying here; the presence of my wonderful, charming friends - Jannah, Nani, Amalina and Syafia. I enjoy knowing their unique characters and their ways in applying simple personalities. They are not only friends during my happiness. They always be besides me whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. They are real friends to be and they already like my family here. I really hope that our friendship will last long forever. And the most important thing is, they have succeeded in overcoming my homesick. Credits for them!

However, best or bad, happy or sad, I need to cope and adapt myself in UiTM as this is my one and only change to improve my English for this time. Furthermore, this will be my first step to ensure my ambition becomes reality. I hope, my life in UiTM will be a momentous experience when I have succeeded one day. Please pray for me!


dats all...
oh no...!!
i only recognise the mistakes
after reading this journal for the second time...

(ayat pn mcm budok2 kn??)
sy budak bru blaja....

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