02 August 2009

'x penting pun'

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009.

actually, i have no idea in posting new entry for my blog.
i don't find any suitable topic to be discussed....
at last, i have 1...
recently, i often think about my life in UiTM.
i don't know whether I've already adapt myself living here or not.
i absolutely have no problem with the schedule.
i can cope with all of the subjects- for this time!
but, i don't know why i keep palpitating
when there are activities that desire to the speaking skills.


honestly, i have no confident with myself.
i do try, but i always not satisfied with my vocab.
pliz help me finding the ways to overcome my

i really hope that one day,
i may speak fluently.....
but, when these will happen???
juz ask myself!!!

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